Texas Instruments has Vietnamese website

MONday - 13/10/2014 01:06
Texas Instruments has Vietnamese website

After 4 years of formal representative offices operating in the Vietnamese market, experts and employees of the manufacturers leading components TEXAS INSTRUMENTS have practical activities to support the business community companies and individuals in Vietnam as in the field of electronics, such as:

- Organize workshops introducing new trends of electronic components. Annually held in Hanoi DAY TECHNOLOGY day and Ho Chi Minh

- Support universities in Vietnam to build modern LAB: University BKHN, BK City, BK SE, HVBCVT, .. etc..

- Support business optimization in product design, optimized for energy saving products, ...

- Provide free design resource, LED control, motor control, ... for all businesses and individuals in Vietnam

- Support designing products according to customer requirements

- ..v.v ...

To serve and support the business community and individuals in Vietnam are better, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS've been building websites Vietnamese, you can refer to the following link: http://www.ti.com/ww /vi/index.html?DCMP=Vietnam&HQS=Other+OT+vi

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